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  So you have finally decided to fulfill your life and the life of the entire family by purchasing a pet!  
  Congratulations on your decision, but please note that the only way to make happy all the members of your household is a correct choice of specie and breed of the animal you’re getting - a properly fed and well brought-up animal, with a temper to match your needs.  
  Now, allow us to offer you the three decades long experience in this business. Our know-how, our experience and our contacts with the top breeders around the world will guarantee that the animal you're getting is exactly the kind of pet that you wanted: a healthy animal with all the usual characteristics of the breed you've chosen, a pet that will live with your family for many years to come and make your life fuller, happier and healthier. Contact us either by mail or call us on any of our telephone numbers, and we will be happy to help you out.  
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