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You need a quick transport of your pet to the emergency vet, to the airport, to your holiday destination, to your friends’ house or to anywhere else at all?  
  You may find yourself in a problem, as the ordinary taxi services are reluctant to accept passengers with pets. You need your pet brought to your house, but you don't have the time, or do not drive? You feel that you don't have enough knowledge or experience to choose the right breed for you? You do not wish your car to retain the animal smell, or that your ruined interior forever reminds you of your pet's first drive?  
  Did you know that in this country pets are not allowed in busses or trams, except in the baggage compartment wherein the young animals such as dogs and cats are often traumatized by the experience as the extreme heat or cold are dangerous for the young animal's health?  
  Inadequate transport usually leads to weakening of the immune system and the consequences can be severe, and your dream of a perfect pet is turned into a nightmare.  
  To avoid inconvenience and ensure fast and safe transportation call PET TAXI: Specially equipped vehicles at affordable prices will transport you and your pet to any destination of your choice, wherever it may be!  
  Transport within the boundaries of the Sarajevo City is charged at unique price of 12 BAM. Other transport services are charged at fixed rate 0.50 BAM per kilometer.  
  The price of an international transport depends on and it is increased by possible costs of pay toll, ferry boats and so on.
All necessary documentation for the international transport of animals is to be provided by the pet-owner.
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